Maggie Peng

Modular Hotel

The design of the Modular Hotel starts with the question of how to design for flexibility while maintaining an efficient infrastructure. The Modular Hotel looks to the logic and intelligence found in the organic structure of DNA. The genetic code is the set of rules by which information is encoded in genetic material. This concept as adapted for the design of the hotel is useful in understanding how to apply intelligent design to room typologies that allow for connections. Single modules of rooms can remain independent or can be connected with other modules to make other room types.

Ordinarily, guests need to be flexible since options of accommodation tend to fall within 2 or 3 room types. However, these room types make assumptions about the needs for hotel rooms, often times forcing guests to make do with their accommodation choices. What if the accommodation is mutable to meet specific needs? By allowing for flexible room configurations to modulate between single occupants to families to business groups to the community, the function of the hotel is expanded.