Maggie Peng

Loeffler Randall

A new headquarter office and showroom was designed for the accessories fashion house Loeffler Randall. With a growing collection that now includes a clothing line, the company wanted an airy space for the showroom while allowing enough space for their growing office.

The project is an exploration of reflection and displacement as devices to frame and expand space.

The effect of the windows along two sides of the showroom is reflected onto the opposing walls by mouldings that mirror the proportions of the windows. A datum was created with a ledge that wraps around the showroom to create continuity and to hide the dilapidated exterior concrete wall. Display stands are made of flexible boxes wrapped in high gloss white laminate. A large mirror is placed in the middle of the showroom to extend views and light into the space.

One wall, thick with storage, divides the showroom and office. The need for storage of various mediums is achieved through built-in book shelves, a walk-in closet, and a wall of off-the-shelf pantry cabinets stacked on top of lateral files. The entrance and reception sits at the intersection between office and showroom, allowing the office to visually attend to the entrance.