Maggie Peng

Fence Post Wind Chimes

“…Noah Sheldon and Maggie Peng’s 2009 Fence Post Wind Chimes are small differently sized metal hemispheres suspended in a roughly circular array from a steel disc. The weights rest against each other. Every now and then a motor spins the disc. The weights flare out a little with centrifugal force, the well-remembered fairground action of a Chair-O-Plane ride, then gather back together in their original formation when the motor slows. The sensitive tuning of the work–the gentleness with which disorder threatens and order returns, the cozy sound of familiarity that the caps make when clonking back in perfect order–speaks of hope for restoration and basic faith in a quietly cooperative, empowered private system. The work, hung smartly in the gallery’s front window, is an elegant metaphor for the show. We discreetly divide to fight our battles, and then come back together.” – Bones, Village Voice Art Review March 26, 2009